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Westley Richards Rook & Rabbit Rifle


Black shoes - Saint Crispins and Crockett & Jones


Grooming for the well heeled

Presenting Double Monk’s new range of wet-shaving accessories all crafted on the Isle of Man. Our new shaving brushes are hand filled with the finest badger hair for incomparable softness, whilst our new lathe-turned razors bring a touch of style to a morning shave. 

Our extensive range of aftershaves, shaving soaps, and aftershave balms from D.R. Harris are also available to provide everything you need for the ultimate shaving regimen.



At Saxon’s Antwerp, our paramount goal is to dress the gentleman, who has a discerning taste and an eye not only for style, but also for details. After all, clothes maketh the man but where will he be without the details?



Ankle boots by Spigola.

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